There are lots of tips for speed reading that you can find on the internet or by getting yourself schooled in one the special courses in rapid reading. Whether you learn the tips at home or from school, the principles and ideas of reading fast are still the same. You have to read at a certain speed while improving your comprehension skill as well. This is the reason why there many fast learning tips on rapid reading that are coming out today. The internet is one of its sources. The reason why they are published on the internet is because people are too busy to go to bookstores and get a copy for their personal use.

Here are some of the tips that you can work out on your reading speed.

1. Develop your study habits. You already have the abilities in reading but you are not using it effectively. You have to be quick in reading and in understanding. Your eyes and your mind must work together. You have to save your time because you have lots of things to do other than reading.

2. Do not read all the words in the sentence. Instead, you have to read in chunks – meaning in blocks. You will raise your speed because your eyes do not have to make several pauses when you move them from page one down to the last page. Your comprehension is a lot faster this time because you did not read the each of the word in the text.

3. Mouthing the word is not necessary. You are not asked to read the text aloud. You have to read them using your eyes. When make sounds while reading – you are doing sub-vocalization. This is the most difficult reading habit that you have to give up at once. This is the biggest factor that can slow down your reading speed. For example – you can talk 150 words per minute. But when you try thinking those words, you can leverage your rate to as high as 600 to 1000 words every minute.

4. Among the other tips for speed reading are avoiding regressions, reducing fixation time, and reading every day. There is no doubt that you will develop your ability in reading if you practice it regularly. You have to convince yourself that you will benefit from it. When you read, also try to apply the various reading styles like active reading, close reading, and exploratory reading. Make sure that you are applying them on specific materials that require such reading style.

Think of the time that you are going to spend in one article. You have to challenge yourself that you can read a three page article in less than 10 minutes. You have to set parameters and get real quick. Once you reach your goal, try to adjust it – increase a little bit. Remember that you are challenging yourself but make sure that it is achievable – it may cause frustration on your part if you force yourself to reach when it is very impossible. The tips for speed reading are just your guidelines so that you will know what you need to do.