Need a Car? Bad Credit? You Can Get a Car!

A lot of men and women who have poor credit assume that they will not receive approval for car finance. At YouCanGetaCar, we believe that you should have the chance to get a quality used the car even in the event you’ve got terrible credit. Because of this, we concentrate on poor credit car finance. We can also help if you have been denied car finance everywhere.


It’s crucial to be completely honest with each statement you make in your program. In case you’ve got a poor credit history, you may be sure the your loan program will be investigated by financiers closely. Kyle Rhys from says “Failing to disclose your prior credit history only for this to be discovered from the financier is a direct red flag and your application for finance is going to be declined.”

Naturally, honesty alone is not sufficient — you need also to be cautious you make complete statements on your application. Don’t leave anything out. Withholding information which you believe might damage your application — is a far worse idea than complete disclosure.

Your Credit History

Consistently access your credit file on the internet prior to applying for a bad credit car loan (getting your credit report is totally free and simple). It’s an excellent way to determine where you stand. If there’s an entry or entries you don’t understand, you’re totally free to get in touch with the companies. Also, the legwork you do on the portion of the program assessor, the less legwork is necessary from the lead-up for your application — the result is your application will be dealt with quicker. Being complete on your program, up-front and well prepared helps build confidence in their financier’s brain.

Banking Records

Your recent bank records are a critical part of a bad credit auto loan application. These can be assessed. It is crucial to prove that you’re ready to live within the means, and also that you have the capability to save. Actually, if it’s just a small amount each week, it is excellent if you can demonstrate the ability to save — which, if you consider it, shows that you have some surplus income it is possible to devote to loan repayments after covering your regular living expenses.

Likewise, if your account becomes overdrawn, or when any direct debits are dishonored as a result of inadequate funds, then this reflects poorly on your ability to meet your obligations.

Loan & Charge Card history

If you’ve got a charge card, or cards, or any other loan, your repayment history there’ll be carefully reviewed. You have to establish a consistent history of making the payments. It’s a fantastic idea to show you have made over the minimum monthly payment needed. A strong history with credit will go a very long way to ensuring your application is reviewed.


A dependable, regular income is essential as you want this to support any future debt that the financier can accept. This will reflect on your application, in case you’ve got a good employment history. Generally, you’ll want to have been utilized beyond the probationary period with your current employer. If you are employed on a daily basis, you’ll want to establish a long relationship with this company — more than 12 months, say. In general, having experienced unique employers in a short span of time does not help a poor credit car loan program, because finance organizations are looking to establish a steady income source to support the debt.

How your credit rating affects your odds at getting a car on finance

In a nutshell, your credit rating is a score that reflects just how good of a borrower you are believed to be.

Lenders never observe that score — they all can access is your credit history. This will give an indication of how good you are at managing your cash to them.

People with a bad credit history may find that lenders provide them higher rates of interest or poorer lending choices. Some can refuse to give to you altogether.

Luckily, there are alternatives available to you:

Boost your credit rating

It’s the most effective long-term benefit but is your very time-consuming of all the options here.

Improving your credit score is a good method to show lenders which you can be trusted with repayment. This increases your odds of getting a fund with decent prices.

Obtain a credit report

Alright, so you can have a “bad” credit rating. But what does “bad” really look like?
To find a decent view of your credit history, then utilize a credit check services. This should inform you about any credit, any missed payments and people who are financially linked to you.

This is a good place to begin. Make sure all of your details are up-to-date and right. Not only does this aid in case lenders do credit ratings, but it lessens the risk of fraud.

Register to the electoral roll

When lenders do credit checks, they will assess your name and address. Being on the roll makes this process more easy for them, and also will help to decrease the danger of fraud.

Sever ties with Those with Awful credit

You may have an aged joint credit account with someone who has simply fallen into poor credit. In instances such as this, it’s likely that you are being dragged by the black mark against their name down. So find vehicles you can afford even with them behind you.

If you want to sever ties with those people financially, you will need to issue a note of disassociation. After some tests, credit reference agencies ought to be able to remove this individual.

Pay off debts in a timely fashion

In case you are attempting to borrow money, having an already-growing debt is not going to do you any favors.

Maintaining up your payments is a good sign to creditors which you can borrow sensibly. This can — more than help to raise your credit rating.

Also, try not to exceed 75% of your own credit limit. Running up yourself into the wire again and again could be an indication that you’re poor at managing your money.

This also applies to late payments and exceeding your credit limit. Keep a close eye and prove that you could keep on top of your debt. Visit You Can Get A Car in Halifax for help or visit their site at