Ease On Your Financial Well Being

Don’t stress about money! You’re here for debt solutions and it’s easy! You just need to take a good humbling look and make a plan to pay off that debt.

1. Take A Picture Of Where You Stand

This is a very crucial piece, you need to write it on pen and paper! You need to determine how much you owe to creditors. And I mean every single person. It’s essential to define exactly what you owe to people, the big and tiny. Credit Card companies, mortgages, car loans, any pay day loans, all of it. find out and jot down the rate, who you owe money to and how much it costs every month and the total balance.

your debt checklist

2. Discover How Much You Can Afford

The one part about being able to afford more is making more money. Pick up a second job, start a side consulting business. Grow that income and you will be able to put more towards debts! But don’t take on much more debt in the process.

3. Make Goals & A Timeline

You need to know how long it will take to pay off this debt. In order to truly get debt help Ontario suggests talking to an expert! They can help with this timeline.

4. Choose Your Priority

Decide what you want to tackle first. Family or friends? The small debts? The big debts (wouldn’t suggest it!) or the most expensive ones (great starting point). Figure that out and execute your plan.

We wish you the most success with getting out of debt and if you need additional support, check out the above links.